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About me

My name is Tony Idehen, a Front-End Web Developer. I enjoy designing and coding websites from scratch with a good user experience goal in mind. Web Developer tools that I have worked with include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP and WordPress. I am highly motivated and willing to learn new skills.

My Projects

Tribute page image

Tribute Page

Purpose: Solution to responsive design project from freecodecamp.

Challenges: This project was made using HTML and CSS in other to demonstrate the knowledge of responsive design. The challenges were researching about Tesla and making it concise, also I had to use max-width 768px and 1053px(larger screen) for the responsiveness.

Survey form

Survey Form

Purpose: This landing page is one of the freecodecamp responsive design project. It was accomplished using HTML and CSS.

Challenges: Completed on time.

Product Landing page image

Product Landing Page

Purpose: This is a solution to freecodecamp project on responsiveness. Purpose is to design a responsive landing page with video embeded in the page, using HTML and CSS

Challenges: This landing page project I introduced form(for email), video and images to showcase the T-shirts for sale.

Technical Documentation image

Technical Documentation Page

Purpose: This is a solution to freecodecamp project on responsiveness. Purpose is to design a responsive technical documentation landing page.

Challenges: Using HTML and CSS only to design tech documentation. I implemented scroll effect and how to embed and display code snippet in a website.

Restuarant image

Restuarant Website

Purpose: To design a restuarant website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Challenges: A project to demonstrate my knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Main challenge was the @media rule of the menu section and this project took 5 days to do.

House Image

Ritewood Property Website

Purpose: To design a website for a property developer. I used HTML CSS and JavaScript.

Challenges: It is a static website, the view details was originally linked to a database, but I deactivated it.

Cat API image

CatApi App

Purpose: To demonstrate my understanding of HTML, CSS, API and JSON. This app displays the name, image and information of a cat chosen from the dropdown menu.

Challenges: My challenge was identifying the properties of the object by carefully interpreting the JSON response.

Weather App Image

Weather App

Purpose: To demonstrate the understanding of API, JSON using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to design a weather app API. This app takes city name as input, then gives the weather information(temp, humidity, windspeed, etc).

Challenges: With the experiences from the previous API projects, the weather API was done on time.

Property Listing table image

House List

Purpose: To build a property database which takes inputs, stores it in database, and displays a list in form of a table. Tools I used in this includes HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySql, Bootsstrap and JavaScript

Challenges: I had to learn PHP, how to use phpMyAdmin, MySql dadabase, and php CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation

To-do List App image

To-do List App

Purpose: To demonstrate the understanding of Local Storage and Session Storage, I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to design a to-do list app. This app takes input from user, when he/she clicks "Add" the input is displayed in "List" section.

Challenges: Initially the app did not display the list, I had to research on the internet, and then include JSON.parse() which parses a string and returns JavaScript object.

Calculator app image

Simple Calculator App

Purpose: To build a simple calculator with some trigonometry functions. Tools that I used to achieve this build are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges: The buttons were problematic, I had to convert the button to Array for it to work, I used google to research more on how to limit the text on the display window. I then added nowrap, clip, max-width: 28ch to their respective display window style

tidecode app image

tidecode Website

Purpose: To build a WordPress website, only logged in visitors(staff) can view the contact table. Tools used are Wordpress, Elementor, tablesome, CSS, and various plugins. To view the table you must be logged in(login info: https://tidecode.ml/wp-admin; username: chuck; password: 123%Saa!22P).

Challenges: Making the contact table clickable by inserting HTML code in the form and with the customize I added codes in the additional CSS section.

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